Original Quarter Sock | Black

The Originals reflect the simplicity of the everyday socks that bring comfort and happiness through classic colors.


Premium Cotton Blend - Aside from being soft and breathable, our premium cotton blend is also comfortable and gentle on the skin.

Seamless Toe - Our seamless toe sock is made with a creative knit stitch, creating a barely-there seam that is soft and tender on your feet.

Stay up Design - Keep your socks where they should be, on the ankle and calf. Made with exceptional spandex fiber LYCRA, this is a fit that does not fade, providing confidence and comfort that lasts.

Essential Cushioning - Bringing you extreme comfort throughout the day, these are made with a super soft cushion placed in all the essential areas on your feet, like the toe, sole, and heel.

360° Arch Support - The supportive band has a comfortably compressed effect on your midfoot, ensuring a snug fit and overall arch support for your daily activities.

Y-Stitched Heel - The special Y-stitched cup around the heel ensures a better fit on your feet.

WASH INSTRUCTIONS - Machine wash, tumble dry.

FABRICS Cotton/nylon/polyester/spandex

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